“I was impressed with the approaches of Rodrigue Greub through simple, relaxed and amusing steps that help developing creativity and operational efficiency of each sales instructor. His method is the most powerful and fastest I have seen to capitalize on human potential in the company.” Alfredo Garcia, Corporate Sales, Bimbo Group Mexico, agarcpen@grupobimbo.com





“The overall concept of the “7 Keys to Sustainable Leadership” to reach higher awareness was a good and interesting one. People felt that there was real benefit to working together as a team and getting to know each other better.  There was also lots of fun and energy around the exercises we created in this session. In particular, the BusinessTreeSystem© has great potential to be used as a coaching framework.” Natalie Turner, CEO of ENTHEO, Energising Innovation Within, London, www.entheo.co.uk



“I met him at a creativity conference in Copenhagen and then invited him to present a workshop at CREA, when I was Director of the Conference. Despite not managing to attend his workshop, the oral and written feedback he received from participants was extremely positive: his "Expo" was defined very original and high-energy.” Andrea Montuschi, Management Consulting and former Director of CREA Conference, Italia www.creaconference.com



“The first time I met Rodrigue Greub was at the CREA Conference, April 2008. I joined the workshop of The Dragon's Path as a participant. I was really catched by the dynamism of his approach and the way he mobilized conscious and unconscious levels in every person.

January 2009 we invited him to conduct the same workshop in Holland for 20 of our clients, in Creative Thinking in business and leadership development. He gave the participants again a beautiful experience. Walking the BusinessTreeSystem© (or the Dragon Path) everyone will discover how to focus and how to use your own skills in a powerful and effective way. It awakens the individual creative power and helps to do the good things and to do the things in a good way.

BusinessTreeSystem© is a perfect mixture of mental thinking, body feelings and soul awareness. Whereas traditional creative sessions appeal more to the mental thinking skills, this method makes a good connection between much more levels of (un/sub)consciousness. Guided by him, it's really an inspiring expedition to discover all your powers inside and to align with the interconnection with others.” Erik op ten Berg, Creative Professional, at COCD (Centre for the Development of Creative Thinking), Holanda, www.cocd.org


“... I have those big, hairy and audacious goals, but I felt upset because of the distance between my present situation and the envisioned future. And usually anxiety, fear and all of their friends keep creeping in whenever I try to be bold and brave. And you know, something really happened.

Like a miracle, I do not feel any kind of fear or anxiety any more. The feeling or state-of-mind is simply gone. Now I focus on a brilliant future with a lot of new endeavours and challenges. I am here to support all the people I know about the power of BusinessTreeSystem©. I am looking forward to learning more about this kind of energy, which keeps me going but lets me stay balanced and fit for the future."

Frank-Lothar Köpcke, Managing Director and Chief Innovator Creaktiv, Nürnberg, Alemania, www.ideenblitz.de



„Some of the exercises I will use because they were inspiring. Everybody has got his own barriers and it´s up to him to remove them... to make opportunities out of the barriers. Not doing anything will not change us, neither our surroundings... Thank you very much for the beautiful advent experience and meeting… The plant is growing, because I decided so.“ Participant of the seminar about Self-Motivation and Creative Leadership. EXPERTIS, Prague, www.expertis.cz 



“Rodrigue Greub’s seminar at the WSF in Arosa, Switzerland was clearly the most impactful experience of the Forum. He is a gifted seminar leader. As I am a coach I was very impressed with his knowledge, caring and style. I became more centered by attending his workshop.” George Johnson, Consultant, Michigan, U.S.A., www.telavision.tv


“I congratulate you … for the simplicity and clarity of the exercises and for the direct connection of them with the individual and repeatable experience of every one of the participants.” Dr. Juan Lafarga, Father of Personal Development in Mexico, Iberoamerican University, Mexico, ADEHUM Congress, Octobre 2006, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.

"Life is Creativity" Juan Lafarga wrote on a little paper for me...
"Life is Creativity" Juan Lafarga wrote on a little paper for me...




"The innovative, creative and fun Coaching of Leading Team Performance reaffirmed in the Annual Meeting the importance as collaborators in this Enterprise, to focus on their personal challenges, and ressulted in a more effective communication in this Organization." Annual event of Sales Managers, José Garido, Director of Human Resources, Balondeo/IACMEX










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