Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership begins with oneself, with the "personal sustainability". An effective employee is a leader himself, capable of influence himself as well as influence others positively, maintains a constant level of high performance and being-in-the-flow (compare with the experience of flow from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow-experience , Wikipedia).


Several leaders driving this self-management synergistically aware give us the desired high performance team.

7 Keys to Sustainable Leadership


The BusinessTreeSystem© summarizes all the current topics of modern leadership in a comprehensive training of 7 levels.


We chose, according to the client's situation, among the following seminars (8 hours) and conferences (2-8 hrs.):

(Please read from bottom to top, following the growth of a tree)


7 level of results, interaction and teamwork

- The Path of the Dragon
- Ti
me off /Retreats in nature (Training for Managers, Team Work, Consensus)


6 level of successfull influence

- Problem Solving and Creative Thinking

- Optimal Performance instead of de Burn Out


5 level of communication and soft skills

- Multiple Intelligences for sales people

- Non-verbal Communication training, improving personal relationships


4 level of personal balance

- Decision and right action

- Work-Life Balance

( 4 projects for abundant life)


3 level of vision and mission

- Employee Commitment / Emotional Engagement with the Company

- The Corporate Vision is my Mission (Valuing Diversity)


2 level of continuous improvement

- Stress Prevention + Paradigm shift

- Positive attitude towards change


1 level of the two sides of the coin

- Motivational Training, Energy and Total Brain 

- 100% present in the morning with the Laughter Medicine!


- 7 keys for Sustainable Leadership – All in One

This 8 hours seminar integrates all of the 7 levels of leadership. The participant learns to solve personal and team situations creatively.

Each participant will receive the 7 keys and will learn to use them.


Program of the Seminar: 7 affirmations, 7 corporal movements, finding the group theme, creative problem solving with the 7 keys (one of the forms of CPS)


My business performance about old paradigms.
My business performance about old paradigms.

With a Tailored Solution, according to the customer and its situation, one of the 7 levels will be selected and topics will be adapted in terms of customer needs.

Dosage: Basically choose between: motivational conferences, 3 hours duration (up to 999 people) or process seminars, 8 hours duration (up to 33 people, developing a personal action plan).

It will be a pleasure to send you more information about different seminars of the BusinessTreeSystem©

Good leaders are like good actors, some just have it. What about the others? Can this be learned? Yes, it starts with recognizing that leadership and teamwork are human learning processes that begin with the care of your own body, emotions, mind and spirit. Only then we can respond to the current demands for Social Responsibility and the constant creation of new value for customers.


Critical areas where we can wake-up great human potential:

  • Self-esteem and employee acknowledgment. 
  • Being authentic.
  • Employee commitment (Employee Engagement).
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • High performance teams.
  • Organizacional Energy.







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